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Chorus Line

A chorus line was fun, but at first, I was all, "I have to be a amirror person, this sux..." but then I had a really good time. Ethan kept burping in Jesse and my face and it smelled like a dead was sooo disgusting but hillarious. Plus, I had a lot of sleeping time, and it was soooooo much fun when we were all questioning Kathryn about sex, it was HILLARIOUS..."touching your boob is masterbaiting". Sure it is... n e way, I love the mirror ppl we have become such good friends since the show! I love u guyz, Jesse, Ethan, Rennie, Dannielle, Allysa, it was such a great show! And did you know Cassie couldn't have done her song if it wasn't for us? She needs music, MIRRORS, and the chance to dance! HA!
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