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my day was abburido...i woke up at 7, performed at 10 and 11, came home, didn't feel like lunch, sat on my computer, did, can only two days of the weekend be fun? maybe im getting sick, or maybe life just SUCKS genitals rite now, idk. But i think i have a phobia of school now. Despite seeing my friends, Im hating it. Justin has a weird interpretation of what not and what to do when going out with someone (other ppl mind u, not me. :-)) Maybe its some kind of hormonal shit....oh well.
Am I going skating at dakota's now? its 5...stay till 11? we will yet find out. that would make my day a bit better. oh well. maybe its meant to suck today. u tell me.
Love? I guess, me.
p.s. anyone else dreading this week????
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